Meet Kyle’s Little Sister!

We’re happy to announce our publication of Kyle’s Little Sister, a graphic novel by artist BonHyung Jeong. Light-hearted and adorably illustrated, Kyle’s Little Sister addresses themes that include sibling rivalry, learning to be okay with oneself, and mending friendships.

My name is Grace, not “Kyle’s little sister!”

Having a good-looking, friendly, outgoing older brother sucks—especially when you’re the total opposite, someone who likes staying home and playing video games. Your parents like him better (even if they deny it!), and everyone calls you “Kyle’s little sister” while looking disappointed that you’re not more like him. I was really hoping I’d get to go to a different middle school, but no such luck. At least I have my friends…until he finds a way to ruin that, too…! Argh! What do I have to do to get out of his shadow?!

Artist BonHyung Jeong (Bon) studied Cartooning at the School of Visual Arts in New York. Kyle’s Little Sister is her debut graphic novel, made possible with the help of numerous people. She hopes to make connections with others through relatable stories. Currently living in Korea, she’s always busy playing console games—exactly like someone in the book!

“I fell in love with Bon’s art the moment I saw it,” says JuYoun Lee, the Deputy Publisher & Editor-in-Chief of Yen Press who founded JY and provided editorial guidance on Kyle’s Little Sister. “Her characters’ expressions are as honest and straightforward as she is. This being her first book, it was quite a journey to get here, but the raw emotions and easy-to-miss moments she captured on the pages will be relatable to anybody who ever felt overshadowed by someone. I can’t wait to get the book in the hands of all the readers out there.”

Kyle’s Little Sister is scheduled to release in June. Pre-order today!

Meet the Characters of The Weirn Books, Vol. 1: Be Wary of the Silent Woods

On June 16, we’re releasing The Weirn Books, Vol. 1: Be Wary of the Silent Woods, the first volume in a new series from Svetlana Chmakova, the creator of Awkward, Brave and Crush. Meet the characters from this debut volume, from friends and foes to weirns and werewolves!

Ailis Maeve Thornton

Ailis, a twelve-year-old weirn (a witch with a demon guardian spirit bound to them from birth), is a kind and adventurous introvert. She may not have a witty comeback right away or think fast on her feet, but she is very clever and has many useful ideas. While her parents are away, Ailis is living with her grandma above grandma’s magic store, eating every pastry she can snatch from grandma’s kitchen, and going to school every weeknight to learn important weirn subjects, like magic, spells, cryptozoology, and math. Also to train her Astral, because Astrals can be very mischievous troublemakers. Luckily, Ailis’s Astral has always been mild-mannered—she just sheds a lot and randomly digs up the ground. (And she helps herself to the pastries from Grandma’s kitchen along with Ailis.)

Na’ya Leiburne-Thornton

Na’ya is a twelve-year-old weirn and Ailis’s cousin. Clever, sharp-tongued, and always certain of who she is and what she wants, Na’ya has been fascinated by dragons since an early age and is making serious plans to become one when she grows up (or maybe even earlier). Along with Ailis, she has to go to school every weeknight and endure all the dumb in its hallways, especially the undeserved label of “loser cousins” that got stuck to her and Ailis, mostly thanks to the efforts of Na’ya’s evil ex-best friend, Patricia Chow. Na’ya lives on the outskirts of town, in an old farmhouse-turned-veterinary-clinic with her little brother and perpetually busy parents (a mystery writer and a veterinarian to night animal creatures).

D’esh Leiburne-Thornton

D’esh is a five-year-old weirn with a very outgoing personality but a very shy Astral. Friendly and excited about everything, D’esh easily gets along with everyone he meets (except for his older sister, Na’ya, with whom the fights are never ending). Every night, D’esh has to go to night care with all the other little kids, but where he really wants to go is Na’ya’s and Ailis’s school. D’esh has an unusual sensitivity to other creatures’ moods and thoughts, which can be helpful sometimes—but a problem at others.

Julia Thronton, aka Grandma

Mom to two grown kids and grandma to three, Julia (Ms. Thornton to YOU) is an eighty-year-old weirn with mysteries in her past and too much to do in the present. Between running a magic-supplies store and looking after her grandkids, she doesn’t have time for any nonsense, and she is not shy to let that be known. Tough as rusty old nails and busy as a grumpy beaver building a mile-high dam, she still somehow manages to envelop her entire family in care and provide them with a steady supply of freshly baked chocolate rolls.

Jasper Whittle

Jasper is a twelve-year-old weirn, next door neighbor/frenemy to Ailis, and sufferer of an unrequited crush on Na’ya. Kind, easygoing, and always game for an adventure, Jasper usually ends up in the thick of Ailis and Na’ya’s shenanigans and always has good ideas to help out in a crisis. Jasper’s only unpredictable trait is his Astral, who is waaaaaaay too eager to throw things and break stuff, which constantly gets Jasper in trouble. It’s a good thing every weirn kid knows the “fix-it” spell!

Patricia Chow

A twelve-year-old weirn with a cautiously guarded secret, Patricia used to be best friends with Ailis and Na’ya in elementary school. But when the schools changed, so did Patricia! With new goals and pressures in her life, she is now a completely different person, pushing the cousins away, dubbing them “loser cousins,” and never letting them forget the school’s social pecking order and their place in it. A new upgraded set of friends, a ruthless designer-fashion look that sparkles with perfection, plus fear and respect from the rest of the students—Patricia’s got it all handled… Or does she?

Russel Wiske

A fifteen-year-old shape-shifter who has a humanlike form and a wolflike form (as well as a sloppy hybrid of the two, as suits the occasion). A student at the same nightschool that Ailis and Na’ya attend, Russ also hangs out a lot at their grandma’s store and works any part-time hours he can get his paws on. His big dream right now is to save up enough cash to buy a car, modify it to travel in the Night Realm, and take a road trip with his best friend across the entire West Vashi Domain. Russ is good-natured, money focused, very strong, and can reportedly carry roughly ten thousand children out of danger all at once.

The Weirn Books, Vol. 1: Be Wary of the Silent Woods is available in print and digital on 6/16/20. Pre-order today!

Weekly episodes of Zo Zo Zombie on YouTube

Our favorite zombie now has his own show on YouTube! Subscribe to Zo Zo Zombie for hilarious new episodes every week!

Zo Zo Zombie is the best undead friend you never had! Who else could use his own intestines as a jump rope or peel his own skin to use as a coat? Together with his best [human] friend Isamu, Zo Zo Zombie is just trying to do some good in this world but somehow always ends up in pieces. Literally.

Head to the Zo Zo Zombie YouTube Channel.

A Very Happy Holidays from JY-Celebrate the Season With Our DIARY Wallpapers!

A very Happy Holidays from the JY team! To celebrate this festive occasion, we are THRILLED to present our adorable new desktop and mobile wallpapers, featuring DIARY by Svetlana Chmakova!


Enjoy the winter season everywhere you go with these festive digital downloads, and don’t forget to check out DIARY by Svetlana Chmakova, available anywhere books are sold.

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#ALERT! Svetlana Chmakova is BACK with a Brand New Middle Grade Series!

EXCITING NEW! Acclaimed author of The Berrybrook Middle School series, Svetlana Chmakova, is BACK with a brand new middle grade graphic novel series!

On the heels of the release of DIARY, the fourth book in author Svetlana Chmakova’s bestselling BERRYBROOK MIDDLE SCHOOL series, we are thrilled to announce forthcoming publication of THE WEIRN BOOKS, a new middle grade graphic novel series debuting in Summer 2020. 

THE WEIRN BOOKS launches as a three-book deal reintroducing the fantastical world Chmakova created in her acclaimed NIGHTSCHOOL series, published by Yen Press, featuring a new town (which readers will already have gotten a glimpse of in the pages of DIARY) and an all-new cast of characters for younger readers. In the Night Realm, shifters, vampires, weirns, and other night things passing for human may prowl the streets, but school is still in session—and you still have to do your homework! With a touch of the supernatural, THE WEIRN BOOKS has been a passion project for the author for a number of years, and she is excited to bring this world to life in the signature style she developed in AWKWARD, BRAVE, and the rest of the BERRYBROOK MIDDLE SCHOOL series. 

And lest eager fans fear they have seen the last of their beloved Berrybrook Middle School, Chmakova has signed another three-book commitment to the series, beginning with its “E” installment—the title to be unveiled at a later date—slated for publication in 2021. 

Creator Svetlana Chmakova is an internationally published, award-winning manga and comics author with more than 10 published books translated in over 13 languages. Born and raised in Russia, she moved to Canada at sixteen, where she subsequently received a Classical Animation diploma from Sheridan College. Her full-length manga and comics series include the fan-favorite romantic comedy DRAMACON, the award-winning urban fantasy NIGHTSCHOOL: THE WEIRN BOOKS, the manga adaptation of The New York Times bestselling WITCH & WIZARD by James Patterson, and the acclaimed BERRYBROOK MIDDLE SCHOOL series, for which she has been nominated for two Eisner Awards. 

Are you excited?! We know we are! Let us know what you think on our social media platforms at @jyforkids!