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Posted Dec 15, 2023

Prepare for Adventure with Phantom Thief Red!

Asuka Kouzuki is just a normal twelve-year-old girl on spring break—until she learns she’s from a long line of phantom thieves! For generations, her family has been stealing from bad guys and helping others, and her dad has been secretly teaching her the skills for the job her whole life. Now that she’s about to turn thirteen, it’s time for her to take on the role alongside her cousin Kei, a genius with an IQ of 200. Thanks to her superhuman athletic abilities and his smarts, no ill-gotten treasure is safe—at least, if they can get along! 

Do you feel the pull of adventure? Are you eager for the thrill of the chase? Then look no further than Phantom Thief Red, Vol. 1: A Brand-New Heist for a Brand-New Red!, the latest high-octane adventure from our brand-new lineup of middle grade prose fiction! 

During a normal, humdrum spring break, Asuka and her antisocial (but brilliant) cousin Kei are made aware that their fathers have been assuming the mantle of the infamous Phantom Thief Red. And what’s more, now that they’re on the brink of turning thirteen, Asuka and Kei are going to be taking on the family business! Can these two polar opposites come together to perpetrate the righteous robberies assigned to them? 

Don’t let Asuka and Kei have all the fun alone! Phantom Thief Red, Vol. 1: A Brand-New Heist for a Brand-New Red! is out now!