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Posted Dec 14, 2023

Love, Basketball, and...Little Sisters?! Amy's Big Brother Has It All!

Sibling relationships are complicated. Whether you’re older or younger than your siblings, it seems that the pros and cons are constantly competing for the top spot. On the one hand, a built-in playmate! On the’re always in their shadow, or you’re always blamed for their problems. Mix in middle school melodrama, and you just can’t catch a break. 

Andrew knows all about how difficult and annoying it is to have a little sister. His parents adopted him and then ended up giving birth to Amy, obviously the most selfish and demanding girl on the planet! But when Andrew moves up to middle school, he feels that he finally has a chance to break away from Amy and start making a name for himself. 

Enter Hannah, the cutest girl Andrew has ever seen. As his friend group and hers draw closer, Andrew finds his feelings for Hannah growing until he eventually asks her out. How will this blossoming young couple handle the trials and tribulations of mismatched romance, middle school, and meddling sisters? 

There’s only one way to find out! Check out Amy’s Big Brother, BonHyung Jeong’s companion graphic novel to Kyle’s Little Sister, available now wherever books are sold!