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Posted Dec 18, 2023

Video Games Are Deadly in Online!

One by one, students stop coming to school, and rumors spread that a cursed video game is behind the disappearances. Mai Yashiro wants nothing to do with it, but then a mysterious console appears in her bag. A creepy voice gives Mai a choice: play the game or lose everyone she cares about. She chooses to protect her loved ones, but any sense of relief is short-lived. It turns out dying in the game has terrible real-world consequences. Thankfully, she’s not alone, and she teams up with her schoolmates Asagi and Sugiura to beat the game. The odds are stacked against them, but they’re playing to win—even if they have to risk their lives! 

Your parents might already think you play too many video games, but at least you haven’t been tricked into playing Nightmare, the video game that kills! If a cursed game sounds too intriguing to be true, then the latest in our brand-new lineup of middle grade prose fiction, Online!, Vol. 1: The Devil’s Unbeatable Game, is a book you just can’t afford to miss! 

Mai Yashiro is a normal high school student living in a weird situation; students from her school keep going missing, and everyone is blaming a cursed video game. Mai doesn’t buy it–until she receives a mysterious handheld console out of nowhere. Before she knows it, she’s been roped into a life-and-death game at the behest of a demon who is after her very soul. 

To see if Mai can stay one step ahead of the mysterious evil force that’s plaguing her and her classmates, grab Online!, Vol. 1: The Devil’s Unbeatable Game, available now!