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Posted Dec 20, 2023

Sniff Out the Culprit with Canine Detective Chris!

Follow the clues and solve the crime along with Chris! Canine Detective Chris, Vol. 1: The Shiba Inu Detective Tracks Down the Stolen Jewels! is available now!

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Posted Dec 18, 2023

Video Games Are Deadly in Online!

To see if Mai can stay one step ahead of the mysterious evil force that’s plaguing her and her classmates, grab Online!, Vol. 1: The Devil’s Unbeatable Game, available now! 

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Posted Dec 15, 2023

Prepare for Adventure with Phantom Thief Red!

Do you feel the pull of adventure? Are you eager for the thrill of the chase? Then look no further than Phantom Thief Red, Vol. 1: A Brand-New Heist for a Brand-New Red!

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Posted Nov 17, 2023

Join the Spooky Fun in Horror Collector!

If you’ve got a taste for the spooky, an itch for the macabre, and an aversion to the mundane, then have we got a book for you!

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